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I paint the inside and outside experience that surrounds me. I want to express everything I feel in life, such as all of my unorganized thoughts. The images represent my relationships with people and my desires to be recognized and acknowledged for my differences.  My ideas are often expressed in chaotic and dizzy body movements with eyes looking directly at me.  My own appearance often feels small but I desire to become more confident and as I paint, I explore these thought patterns along with my aspirations for happiness. 




Yool Kim is a contemporary Korean artist, based in Seoul.  Kim has exhibited her mixed media works across the United States, as well as internationally, debuting her latest work at The Seattle Art Fair with Hall Spassov this July.  Her practice explores the ideas of identity and the subconscious though a maximalist approach.  As she navigates these thoughts her work takes on a figurative form often featuring a single face repeated many times – suggesting a series of selves.  Her fast-paced thoughts and emotions are shown in her use of impulsive and overlapping mark-making. These layers represent her own personal experience and in her words, 'highlights self-expression through my deepest most inner thoughts’. 

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