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'And The Birds Were Not Singing About The Past'

Solo Exhibition, JUNE 6th - July 31st 

Hall Spassov Gallery is proud to present the latest work by artist, Jeff Peters.   The artist has turned his attention to landscapes, painting them from memory, referencing childhood photographs and utilizing AI.

'My father gave me a camera when I was young and my first real photos were of the golf course we grew up on in Fullerton California. The golf course was sort of a faux version of nature at its finest, rolling hills fall into valleys where morning fog would sit, river that would bulge at the slightest of rain, oak trees planted in prime locations to enhance a morning sunrise.' -Peters

APRIL | MAY 2024

Group Exhibition 

After a nearly six year hiatus from our brick and mortar operation we have arrived in the Montlake neighborhood of Seattle.  Our new location is a clear departure from the large "white box" space we previously occupied.  Montlake is predominately a residential neighborhood and as such the gallery, while clearly a commercial space, has a warmth more akin to a home.  We designed and built the space with our own hands and are now happy to share it with you.  

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