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COMING UP: Art Market San Francisco, April 20-23, 2023

New work by Jeff Peters, RC Johnson, Kit King, Amy Spassov and Erik Hall. 

Contact the gallery for a preview of the work. or call direct at 206-310-8048.

Hall Spassov Gallery is excited to participate in the 2021 Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair.  This year we will be featuring “defining” works by Kit King, Robert Chapman, Ellwood T. Risk and William Cumming.  These works, we feel, gave rise to or were pivotal in the artist’s careers.  We are thrilled to present actual deconstructed works by Kit King alongside a Northwest Giant, Bill Cumming.  Robert Chapman, the assistant to Willem de Kooning during his later years will be juxtaposed with OG street artist Ellwood T. Risk.  


Visitation is by appointment and we are happy to accommodate small groups.  Contact the gallery at or call direct at 206-310-8048.

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