As summer turns into fall our attention turns to a selection of work carefully curated for the month of September. While this exhibition is online we welcome  studio visits by appointment. Please enjoy the show by clicking the image above. 



The truth is… The truth is that we would all like a bit more truth.  Truth allows us to plan and act.  That action allows us to heal.  One of the best bits of advice I have ever received and one that has proven true time and again is this…  “You don’t need to solve the problem to feel better.  You just need to take the first step towards solving it”.  It starts with a simple action, a move forward.  For us at Hall Spassov Gallery that first step was identifying what we could do that would have the greatest impact.  How do we most affect peoples lives and how, in this time, can we maximize that affect?  The Artist Relief Benefit represented a way that we could get funds directly into the hands of the artists we represent in a time when many have been left out of government assistance programs and lost sources of revenue that supported their and their family’s lives.  With the help of our community of collectors we have been able to raise over $50,000 dollars for the artists! Thank you.