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Hall Spassov Gallery was founded in 2006 by owners Erik Hall and Amy Spassov.  The pair grew the business side by side from an underground work space into a vibrant exhibition space now located in the Montlake neighborhood of Seattle.  The gallery will continue rotating exhibitions and continue participation in national art fairs.  Our roster includes acclaimed international, national and regional artists who have shown a capacity for comprehensive and focused bodies of work. 

Services include assisting private and corporate acquisitions, as well as curating and art consulting. It is Hall Spassov Gallery’s mission to help cultivate the careers of our artists, and to assist new clients and collectors in acquiring works of art that are as distinguished as they are beautiful.

Hall Spassov (our story)
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Hall Spassov Gallery began in 2006 in the basement of a commercial building in Bellevue, Washington.  The location served as a studio to artists Erik Hall and Amy Spassov from 2002 to 2016.  It was a humble space that leant itself well to their creative pursuits and starting a business. 


Erik Hall began his career in art with an exhibit at Kimzey Miller Gallery in 2001.  Hall had exhibits each September through 2005 when gallery owner Terry Miller suddenly passed.  Pat Kimzey decided to close the gallery the next year.  Having lost his primary representation and wanting to control his own destiny Hall, along with Amy Spassov, opened Hall Spassov Gallery.


Amy Spassov began her career in art around 2004 with a series of small exhibitions that included work the artist produced during her travels around the world.   This work was the foundation for nearly all of the artist’s work since and has garnered her international recognition.  Motivated to provide a steady path for her own work and help other artists on their path, partnering in the gallery was a natural choice.


The gallery has undergone many iterations over the years.  We began ignorant, making mistake after mistake.  We attempted to represent artists that were out of our depth.  We represented artists that fell short of our expectations.  There were also wins and our efforts were matched by the generosity, guidance and good nature of many along the way.   Terry Miller and Pat Kimzey were instrumental in Hall’s early career.  Their model remains the blueprint for the daily operations of our gallery today.  In 2002, Emerson Robbins all but gave us a space to work and eventually launch the gallery.  City Arts ran an editorial on our efforts in 2008, which caught the attention of Kemper Development Company with whom we opened our first “street side” location.  This space allowed us to grow our roster, attract the attention of collectors and continue to hone our ability as dealers. 


In 2009, within a year of moving to street level, we had outgrown our space and, faced with making a serious financial commitment to a new location, moved into the large "white box" space on Bellevue Way in the heart of downtown Bellevue.  The gallery continued to flourish in this location and allowed us to improve upon our roster of artists including the addition of the late Francesca Sundsten, Benjamin Britton and Kit King among others.  In 2014 Hall Spassov Gallery added a second location in Seattle's Historic Pioneer Square.  The space, formerly occupied by Grover Thurston Gallery, allowed us to better understand the Seattle market and an eventual wholesale move to Seattle.


For nearly twelve years the gallery existed as a cultural anchor in Bellevue, a city that is experiencing change and growth at a staggering pace.  We are proud of the efforts we have made in placing important work into worthy collections.  We are most proud of the work we do to cultivate the next generation of art collectors without whom we would not exist.


Today the gallery is located in the Montlake neighborhood in Seattle, Washington.  Our studio is located on our private property in Bellevue, Washington.




Close collaboration with curators, designers, architects, and clients throughout the process of initial consultation, budgeting, artwork selection, art placement, overseeing custom framing, and installation.



In-home consultations with collectors to review potential art spaces and present options that are thoughtful and take into consideration the needs, desires, and aesthetic of the client.



Recommendations for optimum art placement based on review of architectural plans.



Assistance in proposing and planning site-specific commissions for public and private spaces.

Watch Erik Hall : “Building A Modern Art Collection” |  Talks at Google >>

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