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I’m fascinated by how we see, understand, and value things as human beings and what we can do to challenge our viewpoints and opinions when necessary. Although the art I make is not conceptual nor attempting to make any overt statements, I nonetheless believe the mere process of art to be a means toward that end: a way to enhance creative thinking and ideation. The act of both making and engaging art has the ability to shake up persistent patterns of thought and challenge unhelpful paradigms. It builds our cognitive flexibility through introspection and novel solutions. Revealing to us our current context while challenging us to expand that context. That being said, I tend to view my responsibility as an artist to go beyond solely expanding my artistic skillset, but to also include growing my understanding within other fields of study. It’s important to develop our thinking in a manner that is not merely multidisciplinary, but proudly anti-disciplinary, using a range of subjects and the intersections between them to better understand and improve our perspective. The most meaningful insights come not from individual pieces of isolated information, but from the interaction between seemingly disconnected concepts and what they reveal about humanity and the world. 

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