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Oda and Kit King are a husband and wife oil painting duo, known for their edgy hyperrealistic portraits. With a focus on light manipulation and how this affects the viewers emotional response to an image, they are able to capture a fleeting moment in time with a heightened sense of reality.  Each piece evokes a deep sense of emotion, influenced not only from an in-depth tangibility executed through texture and a high level of detail, but jointly with a sincere passionate portrayal of contemporary art born through love. 




"This just made sense. Our best work comes when we work as one. We're fortunate that our work blends so seamlessly together, especially with working in photorealism. I'd never heard of a duo painting photorealistic pieces together.  I think what makes it work so well is that it's not a typical collaboration. It's not two separate artists, with two distinct hands coming together to create a unified piece. But rather, when we paint together it's as if we become one painting entity. Our vision, process, and execution could not be anymore fluid.
We are not just fortunate to have found each other against all odds. But we found love born through our passion for art.  It would be madness to be doing anything different." - Oda & King

This latest work titled, Evolution Of A Portrait, was created for our exhibition at Art Market San Fransisco, 2019. 

kit and odasm.jpg
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