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Corey ‘Oda’ Popp is an emerging Japanese-American contemporary artist, currently living and working in the rural French Canadian countryside.

Primarily working in oils, Oda creates a sincere portrayal of contemporary art with his high detail hyperrealistic paintings that are juxtaposed with the traditional Japanse practice in simplicity and reduction. With the absence of pretence and artificiality by eliminating the unnecessary, what remains of each painting is a focus on understated truth, and clarity.

The work of this award winning artist can be found in gallery exhibits, art fairs, publications, collections both private and public, and museums around the globe.

       “Earth has created and left for us the most wondrous specimens- for which we then mine, break down, shape and form into the structures we now know and use today. My paintings serve as a reminder of the beauty within earth's most simple forms, before becoming humanities' complex world.”

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