Kevin Boyle is a photographer based in Vancouver, BC. He was born and raised in the Canadian Prairies and spends his time roaming the vastness of the plains of his homeland.


“I drove down one of the southern, less travelled highways and out of the corner of my eye I saw black dots littering the fields around me. Curious, I pulled off to the shoulder to investigate.

Under the illumination of the moon was a herd of cattle slowly walking along the fence line of the field, grazing and going about their business. There were a few bulls, some cows, and several calves. The bulls led the way, with the exception of one of them trailing behind the herd, and the cows tended to the calves. Within the confines of the farmer’s field, there was a community – a natural hierarchy of responsibilities. The bulls and cows cautiously stared at me as I walked along the fence line. The calves inched closer to see what I was, until a quick “moo” from the momma brought them back to their place at her side. Every time a coyote howled in the not far distance, the bulls let out a call. Each animal had its place, and I had mine.

Above all, these photographs are about community, and how closely related our human “herd” mentality is to that of our animal friends, if we’re humble enough to see it as such.”


By using a modern digital sensor combined with a forty year-old ‘shift’ lens and a medium format film camera with a high-resolution scanner, Boyle has bridged the gap between the past and present through his photographs.