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Kevin Boyle is a photographer based in Vancouver, BC. He was born and raised in the Canadian Prairies and spends his time roaming the vastness of the plains of his homeland, but has now turned his lens towards the future.

In the artist words, "Lithium, the second installment in my 'Elemental' series, explores the impact and months-to-years-long process of harnessing this increasingly precious resource. A resource that can reduce our carbon footprint drastically.  The abstract beauty of the lithium evaporation ponds in Silver Peak, Nevada and the geometric patterns of massive solar farms in both California and Nevada shine a light on a key question of our time: Are these fossil fuel alternatives designed to reduce our footprint, or to make consumers feel better about their buying habits?"

By using a modern digital sensor combined with a forty year-old ‘shift’ lens and a medium format film camera with a high-resolution scanner, Boyle has bridged the gap between the past and present through his photographs and allowed the viewer to realize, in abstraction, the future of energy.



Kevin Boyle - short

Kevin Boyle - short

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