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A painter and illustrator, Peters’ work has been shown nationally for over a decade. In his most recent series, the artist combines nineteenth-century German romanticism with collage art, super-flat pop art and color field painting. A recurring theme in Peters’ work is the idea of pre-conceived notions of beauty. Having been brought up in a picture-book perfect environment where any disorder was a catastrophe, the artist has grown, in his own words, “suspicious of beauty, of value and of desire.” His paintings are an attempt to reconcile his most immediate surroundings. A backyard fruit tree turns into an “overworked, overproducing glitzy starlet, with perfect, supple fruit that should be on the cover of a cosmetic package.” It begs the question: What beauty can I trust?


Born in 1975, Peters currently works out of studios in Los Angeles, CA and Laguna Beach, CA. His work is in the permanent collection of the Laguna Art Museum (Laguna Beach, CA), and has been featured at the Irvine Fine Arts Center (Irvine, CA) and the California State University’s Dominguez Hills Art Gallery (Carson, CA), among others.


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