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We are, all of us, Targets in one way or another.

Even before we are old enough to understand them in any meaningful way, or the role they will play in our lives; we are targeted by social norms, religions, various forms of print and electronic media, corporations, advertisers, and governments.

None of us are exempt from exposure to these fixed cultural elements of our existence, or the means by which they attempt to impose their will upon us.




Ellwood T. Risk is a self-taught artist who has been living and working in Los Angeles since 1992.

That Ellwood Risk’s aesthetic is strong would be a gross understatement. Suggesting that it is safe would be wildly misguided. The artist has perfected a visual fashion infusing iconography, graphic content and a strong artistic statement. That is to say that when you see a Ellwood Risk piece… you know it.

The viewer is enticed to engage closely with the work and is then rewarded with moments that are soft, even comforting. This is held in check by his ever-present silhouettes that carry with them striking imagery unobstructed by detail.   What cannot be missed is Risk’s ability to balance the compositions with both. This steadiness is achieved with the signature targets and bullet holes that identify Ellwood Risk’s highly recognizable and undeniably collectible works of art.

Risk is currently represented by galleries in the United States and the United Kingdom.


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