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Mixed-media artist Amy Spassov has cultivated a loyal collector base that began in the Pacific Northwest. Her process, adept and calculated, is also spontaneous and impulsive. This ebb and flow allows the artist to unearth the premise of each body of work. It is often a struggle, but in the artist’s words: “The development of each piece is as important as the finished work.”

Spassov works in layers using numerous tools, collage and paint, revealing and hiding the information as a means to deduct what is relevant. The surfaces are left with a rich topography, adorned with marks and images that are expressive and rely heavily on the relationship between order and chaos as well as beauty and pattern.


Born in 1980, Spassov currently works out of her studio in Seattle, WA, and has shown across the United States, as well as Canada and the United Kingdom. Over the last decade she has worked on a number of corporate and private commissions and has been recognized in the national publication, Studio Visit Magazine, SLICE, as well as, international publication, ArtMaze Magazine.




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